Pregnant Women, New Moms, and Women Who Are Considering Pregnancy

Life changes when a baby arrives. Expect a bundle of joy as well as new challenges. Whether you are pregnant, considering pregnancy, or already a new mom, here are a few tools to help keep you and your baby safe and healthy.
Breastfeed ASAP
Have your newborn "room in" with you rather than stay in the hospital nursery, and ask the nurses not to offer him anything in a bottle. Even if the baby doesn't actually latch on you can squeeze the yellowish colostrum—the precursor to real breast milk that's packed with immune-boosting nutrients directly into his mouth.
Stall the Visitors
Family and friends will want to visit as soon as possible, but you may want to keep them at bay for a bit so that you and your partner can spend time alone with your baby. Because a newborn is usually alert and receptive immediately after birth, it's the perfect time to bond, so look him in the eyes and talk to him. He knows your voice from being in your body and may find it soothing.
Dress Your Baby Right
A cute going-home outfit is irresistible, but remember that babies cannot regulate their body temperature until they're about 6 months old. So dress your newborn carefully. Generally, he should wear the same amount of clothing as you, indoors or outdoors. Don't over bundle him, sweating can cause him to become chilled. Layers are a good way to go.
Know How to Use the Car Seat
Ask your partner to bring the seat to your hospital room when it's time to go home.


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