Stay Warm

Cold temperatures can cause serious health problems, especially in infants, older adults, and the chronically ill. Take a few minutes to prepare yourself and others for cold weather.
  • Check the weather report Daily to find out what to expect so you can prepare.
  • Avoid traveling when the weather service has issued advisories.
  • Stay dry and dress appropriately in layers of loose-fitting, tightly woven clothing.
  • Check on family and neighbors especially the elderly and handicapped, who are especially at risk from cold weather hazards.
  • Learn safety precautions to follow when outdoors, ave enough food and water, carry extra set of clothing.
  • Prepare your car for winter weather, such as winter tires or tire chains, check the coolant levels, change your wiper blades every winter.
  • Be prepared for weather-related emergencies, including power outages, it is a good idea to have a non-electric heater in your house.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing such important information! I’m looking forward to reading much more amazing articles in the future as well.

  2. What is a frost bite exactly? And how will I know if Im experiencing one?


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