Once your immune system is trained to resist a disease, you are said to be immune to it. Before vaccines, the only way to become immune to a disease was to actually get it and, with luck, survive it. This is called naturally acquired immunity. With naturally acquired immunity, you suffer the symptoms of the disease and also risk the complications, which can be quite serious or even deadly. In addition, during certain stages of the illness, you may be contagious and pass the disease to family members, friends, or others who come into contact with you.

Everyone needs vaccines to help keep them healthy! From pregnant women to babies to preteens and teens to older adults, there are different vaccines recommended for you at different ages and stages of your life. CDC’s recommended immunization schedule is designed to help protect you against dangerous and even deadly diseases. Take a few minutes to make sure you and your loved ones are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

·         Keep track of your and your family's vaccinations as they're received.
·         Make an appointment with your and your family's doctor to make sure vaccinations stay up-to-date.


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